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Alphary News 05/2019

Spring News - Plugin also for Windows and Mac

Alphary plugin now available for

Windows and Mac

Up until now you've probably used one of our browser plugins to look up words in the Alphary dictionary – as of today you can look up words in any program on your desktop (such as Microsoft Word).

Just download the plugin on

If you're on Mac, you'll need to give your Mac permission to access your computer when prompted after the installation, so you can read your highlighted text and look it up in the dictionary.

Just highlight the word you want to look up and click Ctrl.+D (Strg.+D) and the plugin-window will open together with the requested translation. (Make sure to see the Alphary-icon in the buttom-right corner or if needed after you click it in the ^-menu.)

Make sure to log in after the installation directly in the plugin window for synchronization.

More updates in detail:

  • In addition to the quality content from Oxford University Press, there are even more translations available now, delivered by DeepL and Google Translate.  
  • Russian and Portuguese are now translated by DeepL (not Google Translate like before)
  • Several small fixes for better performance  (e.g. improved sorting for users that are not logged in, etc.)
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