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Alphary News 06/2019

Sharing the good news!

Translate text anywhere on your smartphone with the Alphary app

Using Alphary on your mobile phone is super handy for improving your English skills. How about using a new extra feature?

Just mark any word in any app and click 'SHARE' on Android and 'Share...' on iOS:

Tap the "Alphary" icon:

The Alphary app opens with the highlighted text as a dictionary search --> tap the word for more details (like Add to Practice) as you would while using the app.

Don't forget to update your Alphary app!

We have updated our app for Apple und Google (Version 1.4):

What's new:

- New image multiple choice exercise
- New content selector
- Reverse practice mode
- New notification area
- UI improvements
- Bug fixes

Happy practising!

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