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Alphary News 10/2018

Even better translations

As you may know we already use Google Translate to offer translations into most of the world’s languages. With our latest update we have amped up our translation service with the help of DeepL for the major languages. If you are translating a sentence just click on one of the words to add it to your Personal Dictionary.

Personal Dictionary

To personalize your practice use your Personal Dictionary, so you practise only the words you choose to learn! It is your personal word list and you can find it by swiping right on the Alphary app homescreen.

How to fill my Personal Dictionary?

  • Add any word you find in the dictionary in the app by using the toggle
  • Add any word you find in the web dictionary on by clicking the ADD button
  • Activate single words from a coursebook in the app by using the toggle (to add these to your Personal Dictionary only deactivate the chapter the word is in)

In the meantime you can start practising any coursebook provided: the Academic Word List, Business Topics or Topics Beginner / Advanced.

Vocabulary book

In the word list view of each unit or Personal Dictionary you not only have the possibility to view all the words, but also to quiz yourself like in a traditional vocabulary book, as well as deactivate/activate them, so you only practise what you need to.

How to fill your Personal Dictionary using the ‘quiz’ mode? Practise the words in any chapter in the same way as in a vocabulary book and add them to your Personal Dictionary using the toggle. To add single words to your Personal Dictionary the chapter in which the word appears must be deactivated via the view button!

Don't worry, by deactivating the words they will not be deleted from the coursebook, only deactivated. Exception: You can remove words you already know from your Personal Dictionary by using the toggle!

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